1. Only Halcyon Summit Residents may fish.  Premises patrolled by Alabama Fish & Game on a regular basis.  Alabama Fish & Game has full authority to check for proper license and proof of residency. Violators may be prosecuted.
  2. All bass must be returned to the lake- Catch & Release until further notice
  3. All other fish caught must be returned to the lake
  4. Motorized boats are not allowed. 
  5. Swimming is not permitted
  6. Residents may fish between day light hours only.


Halcyon Summit Residential Association in cooperation with Southeastern Pond Management, has imposed the Creel Limits to protect the health of our lake, these limits and rules will be strictly enforced.


Every resident's cooperation is appreciated.  Following these rules will help ensure that fish populations are kept at proper levels and the pond remains healthy for all residents to enjoy.  Please report suspicious activity to the HOA Management.  www.HOAAL.com